About Us

Karin Ellis

CEO, International culture
Core Competence:
  • International culture
  • Intercultural trainings
  • Solution oriented leadership
  • Global sourcing/IT outsourcing
  • Change management
E-mail: karin@ellisculture.com
Phone: (+47) 911 83 895

Karin is an IT engineer with 30 years of professional experience and 20 years of leadership experience from large international companies (including Hydro/Statoil, Yara and EDB/EVRY). Some of the teams reporting to her, were multicultural and distributed across several geographic locations.

She has lived and worked in several countries (including England, Belgium, France, India, Malaysia, Ukraine, Tanzania). During her working career, she has participated in many international projects, where she worked closely with people from around the world. She soon developed a strong desire to understand and learn more about other cultures. For a number of years she has conducted systematic interviews with hundreds of people from around the world to gather information about the code of conduct and unwritten rules in different cultures.

In 2008 she took the initiative to establish and develop a cultural training for EDB/EVRY, which she has conducted in several countries. Even after Karin left the company, these trainings are in very high demand in EVRY.

In 2011 she started her own company, Ellis Culture, to be able to live out her passion of learning about other cultures, in addition to developing and conducting intercultural trainings. She emphasizes that the courses should be practical, job-related and have very specific tips on how to achieve better results in the targeted environment. The practical exercises in the courses are taken from her own experience in multicultural environments. Several thousand persons have attended courses since 2011; for example the courses are very popular among employees at universities in Norway.

In EDB/EVRY she worked as Global Sourcing Manager, as the liaison between the Scandinavian business units and the subsidiaries in India and Ukraine. In this role, she was responsible for global sourcing of IT services to India and Ukraine and initiated and lead projects to move parts of the services to India and Ukraine. She was also responsible for the internal global sourcing processes.

During 24 years in Hydro, she gained extensive experience within IT, including IT operation of a global environment, application management, customer relations/key account management, and service development. In Hydro she was an expat outside Norway and worked closely with people from many different cultures.

In the winter of 2011-2012 she did voluntary work in a village in Tanzania where she started up and conducted basic computer courses for underprivileged youths and teachers, on laptops donated from Norway.

Karin Ellis has since 2014 been the Honorary Consul in Bergen for the Republic of Estonia in addition to being the managing director of Ellis Culture.

Ingvar Vik

Manager, Organizational Development
Core Competence:
  • Organizational development and improvement
  • Change management
  • Development of leadership trainings

M.Sc with 35 years of various professional experience from research institutes, construction industry and offshore sector.

He has experience within leadership, HES, development and implementation of steering systems in large companies, as well as process oriented control.

He has been a central participant in large organizational improvement projects and has contributed to establish a training center for leadership and work processes.

He has been a leader for many analyses (quality revisions) of how units in Hydro and subcontractors of the company function when it comes to requirements and expectations and has been head of investigations after several accidents and near-accidents. This combination has given him a good insight into and understanding of how a large organization functions and how each individual person in this organization relates to the different steering signals given. This experience has given him a good understanding of how corporate culture is established and why it can disintegrate.

He has worked as facilitator for self-assessment workshops where groups sharing the same work process evaluate the situation of the processes they are responsible for and take the initiative to improvements. He has facilitated many such self assessments both in operational groups and in management groups onshore and offshore. He has also held a number of classes on how to facilitate such self assessments. These assessments have proven to be a simple and effective tool to improve both communication, job satisfaction, efficiency and HES.

He has participated centrally in a number of large organizational development projects, among others a project team with the task of improving the HES level in the operational organization of the offshore related part of Hydro. The goal was to restore the balance between all requirements and the established goals and the culture and actual behaviour in operations. This lead to the implementation of a major training and development programme for all employees, and later to the establishment of the training center for leadership and work processes which is now carried on in Statoil. He participated centrally in all of these activities.

In the winter of 2011-2012 he was involved in voluntary work where he was involved in the reconstruction of a primary school.

Anatolii Kyryliuk

International Culture
Core Competence:
  • International relations
  • Intercultural trainings
  • Human rights

Educated within International Relations, Human Rights and Multiculturalism with working experience from Infopulse Ukraine – subsidiary of EVRY.

In addition he has studied in Norway at various courses in Norwegian language and culture at the universities of Bergen and Agder, as well as Humanistisk Akademi at Nansenskolen where he studied politics and culture, dialogue, conflict solution, peace building, history and philosophy

He worked as a coordinator at the Ukrainian Student Euro-Atlantic Forum in close cooperation with Ukrainian authorities within Ukrainian Euro Atlantic movement organization. In 2008 he was one of 18 participants chosen to represent Ukraine in an international environmental project, “Challenge Europe”, organized by the British Council in 18 nations.

During the study period he was actively engaged in the Norwegian community in Kiev. He was part of the management in the Norwegian Club Viking in Kiev Humanitarian Institute.

At Infopulse he has worked as a coordinator towards Norway and Sweden where he was responsible for the development and implementation of inter cultural trainings for Ukrainians and Norwegians in Kiev.

Sofya Kapustina

International Culture
Core Competence:
  • Intercultural trainings
  • Language and literature

Educated in language and literature science at the State University in Moscow with Norwegian as major subject.

She has participated in various projects related to Norwegian culture, literature and language in Russia. By being in the center of the Norwegian community in Moscow she has learned a lot about Norwegian and Scandinavian culture, way of living and thinking as well as the cultural differences between Scandinavian and Slavonic peoples.

She has studied at the Nansen Academy in Lillehammer with people of all ages and with different cultural and religious backgrounds . She focused on the school’s humanistic ideas on how to reconcile and create understanding across of cultural and language differences.

She has worked as an interpreter and translator and Norwegian teacher for children and adults. She has worked as a secretary at the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow and assistant in a joint project between companies in Norway and Russia in the construction industry.

She has worked for Infopulse – a subsidiary of EVRY as a translator and customer coordinator in projects. In the last years she has worked for Itera in Oslo. Along with Karin Ellis, she has since 2010 worked with development and implementation of intercultural trainings such as Working with Russians and Working with Norwegians.