Some examples of cultural trainings/presentations for one or more participants:

  • Working with Norwegians
  • Doing business in Norway
  • Working with Indians/Russians/Ukrainians etc.
  • Working in a multicultural environment
  • Project management in a multicultural environment
  • Leadership in a multicultural environment
  • Remote management
  • Cultural awareness crash course
  • Exploring cultural diversity
  • Increased cultural awareness for enhanced business performance
  • 10 steps for successful global sourcing
  • Norwegian culture- in a social and business setting (for Non-Norwegians)
  • Applying for a job in Norway (for Non-Norwegians)

In the column on the left you will find links to our services, where our courses and presentations are divided into groups.

Our most popular course is Working with Norwegians, explaining what is expected in Norway in a business and social setting.

The content and duration of all our courses and presentations are tailored to fit the need of each client. The cultural trainings can be conducted in English or Norwegian, during or after business hours, any day of the week.

All our customers so far have been very satisfied with the courses we deliver. We can therefore deliver our courses with a satisfaction guarantee, where we will not invoice the course fee if the client is not satisfied. Ref. our page describing our added value for all courses: Added value.