Working with other cultures

Some examples of courses related to working other cultures are:

– Working with Indians / Doing business with Indians
– Working with Russians / Doing business with Russians
– Working with Poles / Doing business with Poles
– Working with Lithuanians / Doing business with Lithuanians
– Working with Latvians / Doing business with Latvians
– Working with Ukrainians / Doing business with Ukrainians
– Working with Tanzanians / Doing business with Tanzanians
– Working with Filipinos / Doing business with Filipinos
– … etc.
We conduct such courses for a number of cultures.

These courses are suitable for persons who are working – or planning to work – with persons from other cultures. It will help create an awareness of ways of thinking and how to communicate and interpret the signals when interacting with members of this culture.

This cultural training will give you a practical insight of what is expected in the actual culture – in business and social settings. Most Norwegians are not aware of how different their corporate and workplace culture is from the business culture in most other countries. It is therefore very important to be aware of the differences and understand that the Norwegian way of doing things will not work outside of Norway.

The cultural trainings give the participants a systematic presentation of the cultural differences between their own culture and the culture they are going to cooperate with. They will learn what they should be aware of as well as simple techniques which will give better results. The course has practical scenarios where the cultural differences will typically come to the surface – for reflection and discussion in the group before they get specific tips to how things can be done in a different way to achieve better results.

The course fee includes an electronic copy of the course material and free support after the course, where the participants may contact us for advice about cultural issues they have in the actual culture.

The duration and content of this cultural training can be tailored for each customer, but below is a suggested content.

Goal of the course:

  • Create an awareness of the cultural differences
  • Explain what to expect in the actual culture
  • Specific tips on how to achieve better results
  • Reduce cultural misunderstandings

Course content:

  • Introduction and a some quick facts of the actual country
  • Major traits of this culture
    • Typical traits of the culture
  • Scenarios from the workplace where the cultural differences typically will come to the surface
    • Discussion in the group for reflection
    • Explanation of how and why members of this culture think in a certain way
    • Specific tips to what is expected and how it should be done in this culture
  • Tips for successful communication
  • Summary
  • Questions and answers